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FilterProxy is a access blocking proxy.
*WARNING* If you uninstall this, please reset proxy setting. If you don't, you will not be able to connect the internet.

* FilterProxy blocks the URL that matched registered patterns.
* FilterProxy acts as redirector.
* FilterProxy replaces HTTP request header.

[Initial setting]
* In "Main-Setting" Tab, push "setting"
* "Mobile networks" -> "Access Point Names" -> {Using Access Point}
* In "Proxy", set "localhost"
* In "Port", set "8000"(Default port number of FilterProxy is 8000)

Because I cannot write it here, look at
in detail.

Use FilterProxy at your own risk.

[Caution 1]
FilterProxy is not Ad blocking application.
It blocks accessing the URL that matchs registerd patterns.
[Caution 2]
If you feel strange, please uninstall FilterProxy and recover the proxy setting of wireless access point.
[Caution 3]
It is troublesome that FilterProxy is killed for creating free memory.
(If FilterProxy is killed, you can't browse the Web page.)
So FilterProxy is wakeuped repeatly by timer when there isn't a icon of FilterProxy on the statusbar.
[Caution 4]
FilterProxy don't change the HTTPS access.

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