Quadropoly - build up your monopoly with superb AI

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Artificial Intelligence in Quadropoly has been training on a vast collection of real games with Machine Learning models for 2 years and counting. AI becomes better and better with every player who could achieve at least 25% winrate on top difficulty level. These are the main foundations this game has been built on: 🔵 No cheating. No re-rolls, every dice roll is final. No hidden luck parameters used by others, regardless of the difficulty. Pure data science for Machine Learning versus your skill with guaranteed random dice rolls 🔵 No preferential (discriminatory) trading for AI. This is the second trick others use to lift the difficulty. In Quadropoly, AI does not know whether their trading partner is another AI or a human, regardless of the difficulty: trade offer evaluations depend on pretty much everything on the board at the moment of trade, but not on who their opponent is 🔵 No pop-up ads in the middle of your game. Those are widely used to increase revenue, but are, in fact, illegal This classic Board Game has been built by independent fans for people who appreciate true challenge of super intellegent AI instead of widely used cheats. We are a married couple, he is a data scientist / engineer / developer, and she is a UI developer with a love for graphic design. The goal of this project is to prove data science could be a lot of fun Hope you will have as much fun playing the game as we are having creating it. Unlike human opponent, AI is infinitely patient, makes its turn as fast as you tell him and never quits the game when the luck is tipping in your favor. Additionally, with AI advice system in Quadropoly you can rapidly improve your own skills in any Property Trading game, learn the real value of the properties, monopolies and money, improve your negotiation skills, and, most importantly, avoid throwing (or dodging) game pieces at your opponents face. With 5 difficulty levels available you can always stop on a level you feel comfortable with, advancing at your own pace. With top level AI capable of participating in monopoly Championships, even the best players in the World are guaranteed to find the game very challenging, and at the same time, 100% fair. Free trial version of Quadropoly is limited to 3 first AI levels. It also contains unobtrusive ads. If you find a bug, or would like to share your thoughts on what could be improved - please contact us at clevermindgames@gmail.com This is what we were trying to achieve. It is up to you to decide if we succeeded: 🎯 First real Artificial Intelligence for Classic Business Board game, third after Deep Blue for Chess and AlphaGo for Go 📇 Support for all official rules by the book 🎻 Support for majority of house rules 🎓 AI advice at any moment in game to speed up your learning 🎭 Every single AI in every game is unique and has its own personality which defines its risk taking or risk averse tendencies as well as the attitude towards property. AIs are great at imitating real people: they could be annoyed, desperate and greedy as well as feel a range of other emotions 🎲 Optional External Dice feature 🌠 Variable game speed 💾 100% data integrity (no data is ever being lost and every dice roll is final) 🏆 Detailed Account information with statistics, custom built leaderboards and challenges 🆕 Frequent updates with new features: http://quadropoly.com.au/app-releases/ 📠 Full anonymous logs (5-8Kb per game) are uploaded to the Cloud for Machine Learning ❕ Learn more about differences between AI levels through in-game help If you like the game, please support our work by upgrading to Pro version. You will get access to best AI level, larger board, no ads, AI advice for all games and customisation options for any game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.quadropoly.monopoly Your progress will be preserved Powered by Python, Kivy and Kivent