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Call Saver has discovered the solution for how you can reach a live rep in most call centers. With its optimized solution, Call Saver knows when to dial the “1” key, “ 2 key” , “star key, hash key”, automatically at the proper moment, and to get your call is transferred quickly to a live rep.

Want to save time and get rid off the annoying IVR message? Download Call Saver right now!

A previous article in Time Magazine said this about “Customer Service Hell”,: 71% of callers surveyed were “tremendously annoyed” when they couldn’t reach a live customer service rep over the phone.

The main reason for this is that while the customer makes a phone call to the corporation call center (call centre), the call loops through a crazy automated response system. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system will tell the customer: “For English, press 1” and then it says “If you’re asking about credit cards, press 3.....blah...blah….”.

However, most people only want to reach a live rep immediately. They don’t want to navigate multiple layers that are set up like a maze to annoy the users.

[Collected categories]
Call Saver collects many industry categories such as banks, telecommunications, insurance, car rental agencies, airlines and so on.. If we have somehow missed some big company’s telephone number you need, please contact us to get us to add it. Thanks in advance. Email:

[Supported Countries]
USA, Canada, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Call Saver will support more countries in the near future, such as India, Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, and Malaysia. If your country is not listed in the above countries, please contact us at

[Special Records]

* More than 30 media channels highlight Call Saver’s innovations
* Recognition in our initial launch as No.1 Downloads, both in the App Store and Google Play
* Official recommendation from App Store in our initial launch in Taiwan
* The Best Creative Award from the Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan

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