Journal with password




Handy Journal is a private journal with a secure lock password that allows you to protect your daily thoughts. All your secrets, your dreams and your memories can be organized and managed in this free app. You can fully customize the app: change the colors, the wallpapers and the font!MAIN FEATURESSecure lock and password- Enable the lock to protect your secrets- Add a security question to retrieve the password- Possibility to add an email address to reset the password if forgotten- The lock is activated as soon as you leave the app, no need to logoutData backup and synchronization- Sauvegarde automatique avec Google Drive- Synchronisation automatique entre les appareils avec Google Drive- Manual backup of your private journal also possible with DropBoxManagement of the notesYou can visualize your private notes using several screens:1) Daily screen to manage your entries:- Create, modify or delete every entry- Give a rating to your entry using 5 stars- Add an emotion or a mood to describe your day- Enter several entries for a single day- Organize your entries using categories- Add photos to your journal- Share your entries by email- Add many emojis to your secrets - dozens of emojis are available in Handy Journal - on recent Android phones, additional emojis are also available - you can also add new emojis by downloading an emoji keyboard from Google Play2) Monthly screen to quickly browse your entries:- Browse every month- Search for a specific month3) Search screen with several filters:- Filter by emotion or by mood- Filter by category- Filter by rating- Search keywords among all the notesAdvanced customizationYou can fully modify the appearance of your private journal:- Change the theme (20 themes available)- Change the background photo or background color- Modify the font size and the font colorYou can also:- Change the language- Add daily reminders- Activate the tutorialADVANCED FEATURESIn-app purchases are also available to let you fully enjoy your journal. The following options are available in several different packages:- Remove the ads- Possibility to add custom backgrounds. You can add your own photos on the 4 main screens of the app: - Locking screen (password screen) - Daily screen - Monthly screen - Search screen- Visualize your journal statistics- Export the full journal in HTML formatFUTURE VERSIONSWe are constantly working on improving our journal to keep your secrets secure and enjoyable! The notes are becoming more and more customizable to let you modify your journal according to your dreams.We actively follow your suggestions and we hope the next updates will please everybody!HOW TO CONTACT HANDY JOURNALIf you have any problems or suggestions about our journal, please use the help from the app or email us to We will reply as soon as possible.