Jewels 2015




Jewels 2015 have extremely simple gameplay, have fun but attracted players every moment that you can not take your eyes off your phone screen.
Jewels 2015 with more than 150 completely new challenge in 3 different game modes, not easy so you can complete any challenge.
With nice graphics, vivid sound, you feel like you are touching the magic jewels. Jewels 2015 suitable for you to play all free time and wherever possible, Your mission simply eliminate the jewels to reach the goal in each level
Jewels 2015 with 3 new gameplay that is not a game Jewels has :
+ Time Attack : with dozens of challenges as you explore, you need to be quick hand eye before the end time to pass landmark points. Do not wait or you will lose it!
+ Classic : with more than 50 challenging is not easy
+ New Mode : makes players more interested. You need to figure out how to break the ice walls are diamonds hidden inside to overcome challenges.
+ Move jewel same type in a row or column of three or more to remove them
+ The more diamonds same color are removed you as more points are added
+ The jewel's bomb can eliminate the jewels around.
+ Thunder Jewel can eliminate jewels in one row or column
Let adventure with Jewels 2015 - Jewel 2015 have the most moments relax in comfort!