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Christmas Music Radio Stations is the best free app for listening to Christmas music all day long. Stream now your favorite Christmas Radio for Free!

Do you want to have easy access to the best Christmas Music from around the globe? Do you want to listen to your favorite Christmas songs on your device with ease? If your answer is yes, then Christmas Music Radio Stations is just the perfect app for you!

This new FM radio app has a wide selection of the best Christmas radio stations that each have been handpicked from thousands of radio stations. It also has many features that will let you have fun listening to your favorite Christmas songs wherever you are.

What are you waiting for? Download now this Christmas Music Radio Stations app and enjoy your favorite radio stations no matter where you are!

We are always striving to provide the best user experience for our listeners. We are also looking for your feedback, suggestions and recommendations. Please, feel free to rate the app. Every positive feedback is well appreciated.

Attention: An internet connection is required

Christmas music comprises a variety of genres of music normally heard around Christmas time, and generally follows the same composition:

- Songs describe Christmas traditions such as the exchanging of presents, caroling, mistletoe, etc.
- All celebratory or sentimental
- Centered on the winter/seasonal theme

Christmas music has a heavy history, and what few people know is how Christmas carols came about. In the middle ages, the English combined circle dances with singing and called them carols. It wasnít until later that the word came to mean a song in which a religious topic is treated in a style that is familiar or festive.

Thereís a phenomenon known as the ìChristmas creepî that happens in November where radio stations start playing holiday music before the season with hopes of maintaining listeners, and there are about 400 radio station that play Christmas songs around the clock.

The spirit and cheerful atmosphere has had a significant impact on Christmas stories over the years. Not only has it influenced authors but also much of the music produced thereafter.

Another little known fact is that some of the most popular music was composed by writers/musicians that were non-Christians, and some music was adopted as Christmas music with no Christmas connotation at all, such as ìJoy to the Worldî and ìJingle Bellsîówhich referred more to Thanksgiving rather than Christmas.

DISCLAIMER: If you are the owner of a specific radio station and you don't want your station to be streamed via our app, then email us.

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