Chat with your friends and family through DONTALK.
Meet the DONTALK only features you’ve haven’t experienced in other messengers.

▼▼▼ Unique Feature of DONTALK ▼▼▼
1. Message Recall to delete your mistakes
Retract messages sent by mistake before your friend views the messages.
2. Pop message, the self-destructing message
Send pop messages that will self-destruct leaving no trace behind.
3. Whisper, Send secret messages in group chat
Send a Whisper by tapping on the name of person in group chat. Whisper can only be read by intended recipient and others in the same chat room will have no idea that you sent a Whisper
4.Advanced Profile
You can upload up to 6 profiles in pictures or video format.

More features:
- Capsule message: the messages can be read once the Capsule opens.
- Public Profile: You can designate a separate profile for non-friends.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
See More > Settings > Contact

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