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TS-Player is the companion app to Touch Surgery. For the best experience and to access the full catalogue of procedures please download the Touch Surgery application. ----Practice and train for your surgical procedures with Touch Surgery, the number one tool for medical professionals. This fast and easy-to-use interactive simulator allows you to practice surgery with a realistic and detailed guide every step of the way. Test your knowledge, track your progress, and share results with fellow professionals - all for FREE!Recommended by The AO foundation, BAPRAS, AASH, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and already used in numerous residency programs across the USA.USER REVIEWS:“Great app for learning! Easy to use and realistic simulations!”“Brilliant Amazing and informative app. Easy to sign up and get stuck into the modules.”“I really like this app! I like how realistic it is and just how real it is.”“A 5 star rating is not enough”“This app is a life saver!”“is indisputably the BEST app of its kind!!!”Find out more: www.touchsurgery.com