Fancy Text Style

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Fancy TEXT Messaging APP USEFUL FOR:

---->>> typing a text message in Fancy Mode,
---->>> sending Fancy TEXT chat on Whats App,
---->>> Also on Facebook, Twitter,
---->>> send fancy text chat over the BBM ,
---->>> typing the mail with Fancy Texts & send,
---->>> encode MSG With Stylish Coloring.

Fancy Text Messaging used to create lots of cool and fancy Letters and writings for fancy Messaging

Fancy Text -do something new for your text Messaging??

By using Fancy Text Messaging u will be unique and distinct Messenger on Social Networks.
your stylish text shows your Creativity to Your Friends!!!

FANCY TEXT application that has come to add styles and fashion in your chatting.

use the fancy text app and type your Message differently.
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-directly send Fancy Messages to – Email, SMS and BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
-Various styles of texts available.
-Easy to use.
-No More Complications
-User Friendly App.

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