Contacts Groups for Lollipop

Flipdog Solutions, LLC


After the update to Lollipop, many people noticed that Groups were missing from the default contacts app that comes with your device. As an essential piece of contacts, this made some people confused and upset. We decided to add an option as an alternative for users to use. The look and feel is for 5.0 and it looks exactly like it should have been in the contacts app. You can place this right next to your existing contacts app and easily select it when you want to work with Groups.

The app is fully functional but will require a small amount (0.99 USD) for an In-App-Purchase (IAP) after some time for continued usage. If there is no purchase done, the app will cease to work.

Permissions are needed for IAP as well as for syncing your contacts from the stock contacts application to this application so that a group can be created from it.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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