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42call is our showcase of an modern all-in-one solution for worldwide mobile communication. The app offers the most convenient way to use callback, call through, VoIP and SMS for high-quality and yet low-cost communication. Register 42call.com or inside the app. Check out the potentials that are offered by the product universe of 42com. 42call is designed as a white label solution on a modular basis. You decide which functions you want to provide your customers with your logo, your design for various mobile platforms. You have an groundbreaking product or tariff idea, specifically aiming at your target group? With the products of 42com you can implement them quickly and easily without risk and technical know-how. Thus, your own app is is only a few clicks away. Try 42call and don't hesitate to contact us from inside the app or find out more about our other products at www.42com.com.

The online portal for the app 42call.com, enables calling and messaging directly from any browser, credit charging and configuration of your user account.

Read more about  functionality, changelogs and minimum system requirements, links to other mobile platforms at http://appdev.42com.com.