Flip Football: Soccer game




THE BATTLE FIELD: FOOTBALL Get your team ready and jump onto the Flip Football battle field Its a football card game in which the offensive and defensive power of your players will have a great amount of control in the turnout of the match. Take control by playing your best cards and flipping those of your opponents. The more you can flip over, the more points youll get. Whether youre a big fan of football games or of card games in general, the simplicity and depth of Flip Football will keep you busy until you reach the highest level. Build your roster and create the best possible lineup. This way youll be able to play more of your best cards during the matches. Keep on winning matches to earn the stars needed to rise to the next level and keep on competing against opponents at the same level as you. Play against thousands of users, win coins and get the best players through packs, where the best players in the world can be found. Glory awaits you Support: https://fromthebench.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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