My Little Horse Farm - try a herd life simulator!

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Life of a horse herd in a barn is quite exciting in a new animal survival simulator! Family making, foal care, completing tricky quests and fight for survival in the nature - that and many more awaits at My Little Horse Farm! Start your adventure with a horse herd in our animal simulator and live an animal life with your horse family! My Little Horse Farm features:YOUR OWN HERDCreate your unique horse, find mates to make a family and raise foalsHORSE CARE SYSTEMWash and feed your horse and foal, to keep your animal happyBIG OPEN WORLDFind other horse farms, villages, meat different wild animalsLOTS OF QUESTSRaces, helping villagers, rescuing foals - your horse herd has a lot to doExperience a horse life!Play our animal care simulator with a horse you create! Choose a breed, color, gender and name. And don't stop there - complete quests and fight enemies to make your horse and herd stronger in the animal simulator. A horse herd life is quite interesting, try in our animal simulator!Take care of a herd!Find other horse, start a herd and explore the world together - horse is a herding animal after all. But remember to take care of the herd! Wash and feed your horse, keep it healthy. Care for a foal to let grow into a big horse. Level up your horse herd to make a bigger herd to support you in animal simulator.Explore open world!Leave the horse farm and go out with your herd - there's a lot to do in the animals life simulator! The world is full with quests, animals and interesting locations. Explore the world of the simulator with your horse herd and find them all!Try living with a horse herd in My Little Horse Farm - a captivating animals life simulator!

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