JW Bible 2 - Multi language




With this app theocratic, you can read and listen to the entire Bible.
Old Testament and New Testament of the New World Translation 1984 Hebrew Scriptures and Greek Scriptures divided by books and chapters.
There are many languages. English, Italian, French, German, Spanish


To choose the book, go to the menu on the left side and click on the name of the book. Click on the chapter number.
You can navigate between chapters using the arrows at the bottom.

Multilingual contemporary reading

To read the Bible in two different languages​​, choose the second language.
The screen will be divided with the chapters of the selected languages.
You can compare the old with the new version of 1984 of 2013 (English only)


You can listen to the audio recording of the chapters in all languages.
The play button is located below (in the new English version of 2013, the audio is not yet available)
From the menu on the right side, click on download to download the mp3 on your device
Night Mode
If it bothers you prefer to read and clear the background with the screen dim choose the night mode from the menu on the right side.

Font size

You can adjust the font size of the text by clicking on the button right side of the menu
Online version for iPhone, iPad, PC, etc. ..

Visit www.jwbibbia.darioagliottone.it from your browser


New World Translation 1984is owned by the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA visit the official site of Jehovah's Witnesses www.jw.org.


For suggestions, problems or requests for new languages ​​to write me dario.agliottone@gmail.com
source code, project on github: https://github.com/agliottone/JW-Bible-App