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With "Free News Greece" we allow all Greeks to stay up to date on news and improtant evens of the nation through their Android portable device.

Through a single application interface the user can load news from more than 20 reliable and reputable Greek online news sources. In short, instead of having to load many different websites, the news will all be aggregated to the app through RSS feeds.

These RSS feeds allow the user to read the title and summary of the news first before committing to read the whole story. The advantages are numerous:

* Less time consumed on news browsing, because you read what is truly important for you only.
* You consume less data from your plan, if you use 3G or 4G networks.
* You avoid content "disguised" as news, such as promotional material for products and sponsored content with only purpose of affiliate marketing.
* You can cross check the news between the RSS feeds to check for their reliability.

By including the most popular web portals for news, we are sure that all your news browsing needs will be covered by this compact and easy to use news application!

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