Free Bright LED Flashlight Torch




It's the most featured rich light and only flashlight you will ever need. >> Its Adfree for life.>> It won't shutdown automatically or with timeout unless you turn it off.>>No snooping. Permission of Camera and Internet Required.Note: 1)The Flashlight App needs camera flash permission of your device(flashlight hardware is attached the Camera, for opening the light.).2) The internet permission(not mandatory) is required if you choose to share this application with your friends.- Powerful Light - Guaranteed! - Convenient - Switch On/Off the light just like using a real handy torch light.- Flashlight Widget - Turn on the light easily and quickly.- Stunning graphics - Beautiful Interface and Clean Layout make the operation simple and fast!- Easy-to-Use - Fast Startup and Smooth Operation.Use cases:* Use torch to open doors in low light* Find things in purse* Find keys in the dark* Read in dark* Replace backyard bulb at night* walking to your car at night* During a power outage* Hiking or outdoorsYour reviews are highly appreciated.